The intelligent way of skin care

ISC Cosmetics is a highly effective care series whose proven effectiveness is based on the latest scientific findings on the regeneration and renewal of a healthy skin organ.

 ISC products are particularly efficient thanks to their globally unique and patented manufacturing process for the main active ingredients EGF and bFGF, in which our scientists have succeeded in replicating both cell activators from the human original and stabilizing them in a serum and a cream. We therefore speak of authentic active ingredients. These are responsible for healthy cell development and cell regeneration, which decreases from the age of about 27 years. ISC products make these most important, body-identical proteins available to the skin cells again, and thus counteract the visible aging process in a targeted and completely natural way.

Back to young, healthy, firm skin at any age.

In addition, ISC authentic active ingredients have the highest purity on the global market. The combination of these factors creates the prerequisite for optimal efficiency and effect.

The ISC cosmetic series is so effective because it has carrier properties that bring the valuable ingredients to where they are needed. Thus, various skin functions can be improved. These special properties of the active ingredients have been proven by laboratory studies and tests.

ISC serum

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highest purity for your skin
  • As pure and pure as the production of our active ingredients is, we also strive for the greatest possible efficiency in the formulation of the carrier substances. We are of the opinion that a cream not only has to be optimally effective, the avoidance of unnecessary additives and fillers is also part of our product philosophy. The valuable main active ingredients are carefully embedded in the formula of the cream and serum to ensure optimal transport to the skin cells. In this way, the skin can be supported in its natural function in the best possible way.

    Hypoallergenic formula - allergies can be excluded.

    ISC Products are manufactured in Germany in accordance with the EU guidelines for cosmetics. Product safety has been checked and confirmed.

    Our Promise:

    No parabens

    No silicones

    No sulfates

    No PEGs

    No dyes

    No fillers

    authentic ++ efficient ++ pure

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    science & research
  • EGF: Nobel Prize in Medicine

    As early as 1962, the scientists Stanley Cohen and Rita Levi-Montalcini discovered the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a protein whose signaling effect on the skin for renewal and regeneration is of immense importance. In 1986 you received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this.

    For more than 30 years we have been researching how to efficiently use the most important skin proteins, the EGF and the bFGF, for cosmetic products. Our attention was focused on the claim of being able to produce these active ingredients in the same way they are formed in the human body.

    Intensive research work, complex development and manufacturing processes and the claim of our scientists to produce active ingredients that are otherwise only produced by the human body itself have led to success after many years. The authentic EGF was “born”.

    the authentic bFGF
  • The basic fibroblast grow factor (bFGF) is a crucial protein for healthy cell development processes. Like EGF, it acts as a signaling molecule.

    Developing bFGF, which is longer in its molecular structure, with the same demands was another milestone in our protein production. Here, too, our scientists made another breakthrough and the complex bFGF can now be produced with the same authenticity and purity.

  • Our unique manufacturing and application processes for obtaining the authentic active ingredients EGF and bFGF have been patented many times.

    They form the basis for the success of ISC Skin Care cosmetics.

  • We reject the use of EGF and bFGF from inferior, commercially available derivatives (e.g. from plants) or morally questionable sources (e.g. from placenta).

    We use high-quality, authentic active ingredients back, which we manufacture ourselves using our patented process. The authenticity supports the compatibility of our active ingredients.

    In an increasingly aggressive environment, the negative influences on our skin are increasing every day. In addition to a balanced diet, sufficient sleep and a healthy lifestyle, ISC products naturally contribute to maintaining and improving the skin.

    The result is a beautiful, firm complexion that you can see!

  • The main active ingredients of the ISC Skin Care product line correspond to the growth factors as they are naturally produced by the body.

    In addition, we can produce the EGF and the bFGF in the highest purity available on the global market.

    Both properties give the active ingredients the attribute "authentic".

    Authentic active ingredients are recognized by the body as endogenous and therefore fit perfectly into the cell's lock like a key. This cannot be damaged by the precisely fitting key. The cells can thus produce themselves again in a healthy and completely natural way. New tissue can be built up again through the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers.

    ISC Skin Care active ingredients thus provide the exact key to the lock of the skin cell and are not a replica of the original based on cells foreign to the body, e.g. from plants as protein carriers. This means maximum efficiency in terms of effectiveness and tolerability. That's why we call our active ingredients authentic.

    Our motto:

    Help your skin to help itself

    This conviction has driven us to push ahead with research and development of the highest quality signaling proteins. Both active ingredients (EGF and bFGF) have been known in medicine for many years and are being successfully researched primarily for the treatment of wounds that are difficult to heal.

    To date, its use in cosmetics has not been economical due to the complex and costly manufacturing process. With our patented manufacturing process, we were able to reduce costs, increase purity and thus enable use for cosmetics.

    authentic ++ efficient ++ pure